Getting Paid Kit

Getting Paid Kit

taught by Hannah Martin
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If you're a freelancer or small business you'll know how stressful and time-consuming it can be trying to get paid sometimes. And unfair - after all you've done the work or delivered the products you promised on time. Now you deserve to get paid for it. 

Unfortunately, chasing payments (or worse, writing off debt) is too often the reality of being a freelancer or running a small business. 

And we think that's wrong. That's why we created the Getting Paid Kit. Inside we've collected everything you need to help you get paid the money you deserve for the work you've done. 


Here's what you get in the kit, and how it helps:

  • Your legal rights - we outline your legal rights to get paid for the work you have done.  
  • Plan a credit control strategy - the best way to handle late payments is not to let them GET late in the first place! We teach you how to implement a credit control strategy to make it easier to collect payments on time.
  • How to handle clients who don't pay - if a payment is late, we take you through the process of chasing it up.
  • Send the 'magic' debt recovery letter - if all else fails, we equip you with a solicitor's debt recovery letter template to send. We call this the 'magic letter' because it's never failed for us. This template on its own is worth the cost of the kit. 


With the right strategy in place, you'll encourage clients to pay you on time, and increase your chances of getting your money from bad payers. 

You'll also save yourself money on paying other people to chase money that is rightfully yours. You'll usually pay a solicitor at least £50 (plus VAT) to write and send a copy of our magic letter - now you'll have a template you can use again and again. 

This is not a simple "You owe me £X for invoice number XXX and if you don't pay in X days I'll take you to court", as the cheaper solicitor letters you'll find advertised online are. Instead it's a thorough, legally drafted document that sets out your case for payment, and the consequences of not doing so within the stated timeframe, in advance of court action.  

The first time we used this letter we were chasing an invoice that was three months overdue, and our emails and calls to our contact and the accounts department of the company were being ignored. Within 30 minutes of sending this letter by email the managing director of the business called us and the debt was settled within 48 hours. That's why we call it the 'magic letter'!


We really wish there was no need for us to create this kit. But with nearly 10 years of freelancing behind us, and five years of running a small business we know the stress and time it can take to get paid. 

And we want to make it easier for you. So if you need to chase an unpaid invoice, save yourself time, stress and money and buy this kit - and let us help you.

Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin
Founder of Talented Ladies Club

About the instructor

Hannah Martin is a small business and careers expert. She regularly appears in the national media and on TV and radio, and has taught workshops for Country Living Magazine and Mumsnet. 

A passionate advocate of women in business, Hannah is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Women in Business, and a mentor for Natwest Bank's Entrepreneurial Spark programme. 

Hannah is also an award-winning copywriter and digital strategy consultant, with over 20 years' experience in the advertising industry, and a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

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