Has the dream of being a social media manager or Facebook ads manager not matched up to the reality yet? Are you sick of:

  • Clients with tiny budgets
  • Not making enough money
  • Not having a reliable income
  • Working for free
  • Struggling to sell cheap social media audits
  • Not being respected by clients 

If so, it’s time to stop using strategies that don't work, and start confidently making proper money as a social media manager or Facebook ads manager. 

Social Media Moneymaker plugs the gaps between your social media management training and running a successful small business. So you can finally make the living you want.


Social Media Moneymaker shows you how to build a profitable business over six modules.

  • Design your life

    Great lives and businesses don't happen by accident. We teach you how to plan the life and career you want and, more importantly, how to start bringing that plan to life.

  • Sack your imposter

    Stop holding yourself back, and start believing you deserve success. Our coaching workbooks tackle confidence, failure and vision so you can finally start believing.

  • Find your niche

    Want to stop competing on price with thousands of competitors? We show you how to spot your unique moneymaking niche and turn it into a financially viable business.

  • Make money

    Learn the secrets of finding clients, and making them fall in love with you. Discover how to price your services to make money, and how to get clients to pay what you're worth.

  • Sell yourself

    Start shaping your brand, plan your marketing and learn how to structure a sales conversation or pitch so you can sell yourself with confidence - and win over new clients.

  • Keep your clients

    To be successful you don't just need to know how to land clients - you need to keep them happy and loyal. We teach you how to develop a customer retention strategy.


Take a look at the workbooks, videos and lessons inside each module.

  • 1
  • 2
    Module one: Design your life
    • Video: Welcome to module one
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Video class: How Cat designed her life
    • Exercise: Design your life on paper
    • Worksheet: Design your life
    • Video class: How to make a life you've designed on paper actually happen
    • Video: A day in the life of ... Cat!
    • Workbook: How to set yourself Sticky Goals
    • Workbook: How to find time to work
    • Workbook: How to be more effective with your time
    • Workbook: How to write a daily power list
    • Are you ready to move on to module two?
  • 3
    Module two: Sack your imposter
    • Video: Welcome to module two
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Workbook: How to feel more confident
    • Workbook: How to learn from failure
    • Workbook: How to overcome obstacles to your success
    • Workbook: How to create a vision for success
    • Video class: How Cat sacked her imposter
    • Video class: How Cat manages her mindset
    • Video class: How Cat switched from a corporate to a freelance mindset
    • Are you ready to move on to module three?
  • 4
    Module three: Find your niche
    • Video: Welcome to module three
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Video class: How Cat found her niche
    • Video class: Why you shouldn't be afraid of niching (and how to find yours)
    • Video class: Cat compares and contrasts businesses without a niche and those with a niche
    • Workbook: Business idea formula
    • Workbook: What's your USP?
    • Video class: 10 ideas to help you find your social media business angle
    • Exercise: Brainstorm YOUR business idea
    • Workbook: How to research your competition
    • Workbook: How to work out your target audience
    • Workbook: How to test your business idea
    • Cat's social media manager toolkit
    • Are you ready to move on to module four?
  • 5
    Module four: Find clients